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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Damansara Damai Jihan, Kuala Lumpur, Damansara Damai, Malay girl, Jihan

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Damansara Damai Jihan
My 1st Nasi Lemak Everything also can add.

Master: Jack

Let go for the rating 1st, then d story behind d rating:
Age: 28 going to be 29 soon (so fast fast go b4 become 29 :), but personally i think she is 34++)
Face: 5/10
Hometown: Indon
Body: Small chubby lil tummy (156cm, 49kg)
Cup: 36B (she said, but i think is 32B only)
HJ: Yes
BJ: 10/10 (she hv a very wet mouth)
BBBJ: Yes 10/10
FJ: 8/10 (No CONDOM also can!!!, bring ur own condom if u wanna play safe)

BLS: 9/10
Milf: 9/10
FK: 10/10 (what can i say is WET)
Catbath: 7/10
Finggering: Inside out also can
Hygiene: 7/10 (Hotel problem)
Attitude: 8/10 friendly.
Return: No (personally don't like Milf, but she send me her friend photo)
Damage: RM120.00 + RM25 + RM5 (keep d change)

I got her ctc after i write a FR abt Xiao Qing, so initially i wan NL, so Bro give me NL ctc of her. Although today was a busy day for me, i still manage to visit Jihan. Due to hot weather n helping to carry heavy thing, my body is sweat like hell, n my brain tell me y not go for a nice bath. But no time to go SPA (personally don't like SPA), so i sms her, she replied. D 1st sms already stimulate u, make u heart beat fast, after few sms with her u just feel like wanna direct fuck her. Time Loaction set. I waited few min outside of d hotel, she came 1st impression is Milf 34++ women, but hv a fuckable look.

When in d room (room a bit lousy, wat to do RM25 only), her action was fast, i close d door n turn ard she already nuked, her breast a bit shaggy n pussy hair short but is thick. Due to early sms i told her my body hv sweat smell can hv a nice bath for me, she say can. Bathing section she soap my body, i soup her shaggy bearst with dark nipple tickle a bit. Her hand soap down to my lil bro, do some HJ, n quickly she BJ, my lil bro feel warm n safe in her mouth, (if ur lil bro big not long i think she can shallow it all).

Finished bath section, she lay on d bed, i was hang a while, normally girl will HJ o BJ u 1st, but she wait u do anything u want. So what wait somemore, i suck her nipple hard, n kiss her mouth n she FK with her wet tongue (damn Wet), my naughty hand do exploring again to her pussy fingering her pearl, i try to stuff my finger inside she moan (mean green light) so i stuff 2 finger, water flowing out to ease my finger to go in, i do it till have slap slap slap sound, her moaning start louder, while her hand grabing my lil bro hard.

I think she can't stand anymore, so she do cowboy style, but i said without condom? she say with condom not syok, lucky i bring my condom better play safe (Those who like no condom, feel free to go cause she love it), while up down she do FK again, till my lips wet like hell.

N my turn to take control push her laying position, wrack her good 1, she hug me hard, i can feel my balls r wet with her love juice. Maybe today a bit tired due to morning working, so focus not so good, i shoot inside her. The best part is she say if no wear condom also can shoot inside (guys that never try shoot inside without condom go fr a try).

I rest a while, n go to wash, pay her money, n she ask abang wan to go already? ya cause i rushing back. I think if i stay longer can 2nd shoot too. She even told me wanna try her another 5 sisters? I said nx time will try. I drive home.

Story not ended, get her sms while driving, her sms ' kat mane ne syg?' n so i reply 'tadi dh main, tak puas ker? nak main lgi?', she reply said wrongly sms :) (i think she purposely 1), so she keep say try her sisters too, so i ask for photo of her sister also to me.


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